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Hey there! Seems you've stumbled upon my little dwelling. Most pleased to make acquaintance.

I'm dcb, an oncoming high school senior from Minnesota with a captivation for the lights and sounds of yesterday's tomorrow. I like bumbling with technology, programming, and photography. I poke at a lot of things outside that realm though, so it'd be tough to narrow it down to a few. I made this site to house more of that stuff.

Pardon the messy cabling as I continue to figure out where to go with this site. You might have noticed a lot has changed here! Pages that have been knocking around for weeks were finally touched up a bit and added, and I've consolidated the navigation some so things should be a little less unruly.


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Some projects of mine

winvid (
Now with wma or mp3 transcoding, winvid lets you download YouTube videos to watch on old PCs, and in the future, your Wii!
It's still currently hosted on, so the Wii's Internet Channel is not supported yet (HTTPS...), but it works great in RetroZilla and Opera Mini (on Windows Mobile). I'll look into getting it onto DreamHost soon. Until then, contact me with feedback or things to fix.
I made some minor adjustments to a Windows Mobile IRC client so that it would work on my non-touchscreen Moto Q 9h. It's still fairly buggy but if you're tired of wmirc's registration nagging, here's another option.
An archive for a host of applications to run on Windows 2000 machines and later!

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Getting in touch

My Discord tag is metalynx#4537, though I might not accept your request unless I know you well.
You can send me an email at
On Escargot, I'm, where contacts are largely open.
My AIM Phoenix screenname is dotcomboom. I don't use it a ton, but when I do I use AIM Lite on Windows 10, and 5.x on earlier systems.

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