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Hey there!

I'm dcb, an on-and-off software developer, photographer, and busy high school student from Minnesota. Through a particular turn of events, you have reached my other home on the net.

This space is still constantly shifting, and hopefully will continue do so as I find time. Apologies for the messy cabling.

Creative stuff
My amateur dabbles in photography, art, and music.
Computer stuff
As it appears, I have quite the history with magic boxes.
Captain's log <UPDATED 4/25/2021>
I've been taking a journal of the places I visit and the things I come across online; here's a place to peek at them.
How to play Peace
A card game of wit, strategy and plain old luck.
The study
These are links I've kept on hand for my classes.

Finding me elsewhere:
My blog. While it isn't as frequently updated anymore, it's where you can find my rambles on a variety of things.
My other website,
I do funny things on
My Discord tag is metalynx#4537, though I may not accept your request unless I know you well.
My email is at the bottom. It gets barren in there, so if you'd like to leave a message as you head out I'd appreciate it a lot.
On Escargot MSN, I'm, where contacts are largely open.
My AIM Phoenix screenname is dotcomboom. On Windows 10 I use AIM Lite, on earlier systems I use 5.x.

Legacy browser quick links:

Weather Get the weather
Search Search with
Video Get movie showtimes in your ZIP code (gopher)
Watch QuickTime video
Picture Sharing Share images
Anchor Surf uncharted waters
Read tech news
winvid YouTube to WMV downloader
RetroZilla or another TLS-enabled browser is required at the moment.
wiivid for Nintendo Wii coming when an http option is implemented!
More details in the computer stuff section.

"I'd ask you to sign my guest book, but I haven't figured out how to set one up yet."


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 Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division
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