UpNeopets userscripts

What are userscripts?

Userscripts are JavaScript files (typically ending in .user.js) that allow you to modify and add functionality to webpages in your browser as they are loaded. You can install, activate, and edit userscripts with an extension such as Tampermonkey.

A small disclaimer

Although I am fairly certain that the userscripts I've written are safe, as they do not automate requests to, or try to cheat the Neopets' servers, I am not responsible for any possible misuse leading to your account being frozen.

The scripts..

Custom art/aliases

Updated 6-23-2021, install, gist

Script in useThis cosmetic script allows you to replace pet names and images on the beta homepage with your own.

It does require modification of the script, in the form below:

    const pets = {
        'Apachel': {
            'image': 'http://lince.somnolescent.net/creative/art/apache2.png',
            'alias': 'Apache'
        'BeocitiestheSecond': {
            'alias': 'Beocities the Second'
        'belmari': {
            'alias': 'Belmari'
    const useAliasInCareDialog = true

Want to use UC art? Try image urls like this: https://images.neopets.com/pets/happy/bori_ice_baby.gif

Auto-copy shop stock

Updated 3-15-2021 install, greasyfork

This script automatically copies your shop stock source code to your clipboard and adds a link on the page to Jellyneo's price checker.

Shop stock pricer

Updated 4-29-2021, install, gist

This more advanced script, also for the shop stock page, allows you to look up prices on Jellyneo and fill in your prices with them in one click.

By default it sets prices to 5 below what is parsed from Jellyneo, although the offset variable can be modified in the source. You can also increase the minimum price from 1, if desired.

Please note that this sends search requests to Jellyneo for each item on the page, meaning there's always the risk of getting ratelimited or something if you use it excessively. Can't say, been fine for me. This also means if JN changes their site design it will likely stop functioning.