UpEscargot Projects

WLM Backup Scripts
This is a very simple method to backup/restore your backgrounds, emoticons, scenes, sounds, display pictures and winks to a flash drive or cloud folder. This way you have one place for all of this data so if you install MSN on another computer, you can just restore it and get your stuff back. Put the Batch files in the place you want to store your master copy.
These work for 8.x and later:

xcopy /s /i %localappdata%\Microsoft\Messenger\your@email.here\ObjectStore ObjectStore

xcopy /s /i ObjectStore %localappdata%\Microsoft\Messenger\your@email.here\ObjectStore
        On XP, use %appdata% instead. 7.x data can be found in C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger. There will be a folder with a number for its name to represent your account. Note that the format for custom emoticons is different between 7.x and 8.x, so 8.x emoticons unfortunately can't be restored into 7.x or seemingly vice versa.
SWLMInstaller (dropbox folder)
A Windows Live Messenger 2009 batch file installer with Movie Maker & Photo Gallery 2012, and automatic setting of compatibility mode so WLM will think it's running on Vista or earlier.
There is more information in the folder. As 2009 is pretty buggy under compatibility mode I'd actually suggest to keep it disabled.
(This means that WLM will stay in the taskbar and not minimize to the system tray. This is not a bug, but entirely Microsoft's decision for some reason. Apparently, this was the behavior through WLM 2012.)
My guide to Messenger status integrations (NINA Forum)
..and Multi Messenger Presence, a tool that sets your status based on window titles.
Web Status (MG)
Show your Escargot status online. This was a little weekend experiment with Messenger Plus!, Flask and repl.it for the backend.