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The death of Flash Player was a hot topic in the press. Internet users everywhere mourned the loss of their favorites from Coolmath Games and Miniclip, while others snickered, as if to say "told you so." However, I maintain that this is largely overblown, just as all discontinuations before it. What one company says can't stop a ubiquitous piece of software from being preserved and enjoyed into the future. Whether you're browsing archived sites, finding old games.

Most people had a love-hate relationship with Flash, and for fair reason: the frequent crop of security issues, additional processor overhead (which was, somewhat ironically, not as bad as YouTube's HTML5 player), lack of mobile support and being a mandatory requirement even to navigate some sites. Even so, its impact for amateurs and professionals is profound. Although Adobe and web vendors no longer support it, actively trying to wipe it out, that does not mean the history has to go away with it.

Indeed, not even Adobe's timebombs and Windows Update removals can extinguish Flash's legacy. There are ways you can still enjoy content made with it at home!

Ways of getting Flash games to work

Flash games I have enjoyed

This is not at all an exhaustive list; in fact, it's a little out of date.

Sonic Blox

This is one of those games I played a lot through the Arcade mod for Simple Machines Forum, a PHP script that pretty much got me into web stuff as a kid. (I used to make many web forums no one but mayhaps a couple schoolfriends joined.)

It is a Sonic-themed Tetris clone. There is no holding, but a 2x2 _| shaped tetromino is added, Dr. Robotnik floats around on occasion to break one of your blocks (which sometimes hurts, sometimes helps) and combos trigger Sonic, Tails or Knuckles to drop down and break blocks, while allowing you to control direction to an extent and each having their own kinda gimmick (Knuckles falls through them, Sonic jumps between blocks, Tails, idk, floats). It adds some nice flavor to it.

Dune Buggy and Snow Line

I'm dropping both here in the same recommendation because they're basically my childhood Miniclip games aside from the well-known Papa's -eria series of games (which are themselves quite excellent). Both of these titles were developed by IriySoft.

William and Sly

This was one of Caby's recommendations a while back. It's a pretty game with fluid animation and pleasant music.

Block Miner

This is a bit of a funny case. Block Miner was a 2D Minecraft "clone" of sorts, also sort of like Everybody Edits in the sense you can create a world, mine blocks and build things with other people. I thought I was the only one who remembered it, but just recently a private server for the game called Miner Moles came about as people got tired of waiting for the new owner who bought the domain and original assets to bring the game back someway. It uses the original client swf with patches and quality of life improvements played in a Flash projector. Miner Moles is now offline.