My workstation

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This needs an update.

12-14-2020: It's a bit messy right now..

Creative CS200 stereo speakers HP Pavilion M50 multimedia monitor (17 inch, 1024x768) Logitech M217 mouse Dell SK-8125 keyboard

Not pictured: my 10 and 2000 towers, main laptop and also my personal mainframe that makes me buttered toast and runs my stocks

"Robotasaurus" (powerhouse)

[Dimension V350 validation not up yet]
ThinkPad X230T (school, couch, drawing computer)

Current phone: Motorola Q 9h (which took the photos above, set to 640x480 resolution)

More devices I've been using lately:
   - Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch (e-reader)
   - Kodak EasyShare Z710 (for my digital photography class and small picture and video-taking)

Background from here.